Our computer curriculum is designed to introduce and develop technological skills for both academic learning and personal creativity. 

Children will develop basic skill sets in computer orientation, double clicking icons, navigating the mouse and keyboarding to work successfully on technology-based tasks. 

Using a project-based learning approach, we aim to engage your little ones on an interesting journey into the world of technology.

Programmes Outline


Learn to code with Scratch 

Grade Level: K1-P4 (Beginner)

This programme aims to develop your little one's foundation of programming concepts (such as variables, loops, conditional statements, event handling etc) that will prepare them for a higher level programming.

Children will learn how to create and animate their characters; add sounds and props to their projects to bring their characters to life. In the process, they learn to think sequentially, explore cause & effect, & problem-solving skills. This is a fun way to be introduced to programming!



Learn to draw with Kid Pix Deluxe

Grade Level: N2-K2(Beginner-Intermediate)

This programme focuses on the introduction of Kid Pix Deluxe, a graphics software specially designed for your little ones. They will explore and discover a digital art tool that features many interesting multimedia capabilities like pencil, paintbrush, clipart, stamps, animations, text & more.


Maths and Science are included in this theme based learning approach. The programme provides an opportunity for children to  also express their emerging literacy abilities through electronic text and encourages the creative artistic side of your little ones to shine through.


Children will take home their projects done in class at the end of the term.


Class size: 2:10

Age: 4-7

Duration: 1 hr weekly

Fees: $30 per lesson

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